Our work

Collection of applications that we have delivered.
Help analyze and assess risk for your organization. Easily create your own audits, questions, and scoring. You can create as many audits as required within your organization.
Digitize all paper checklists and conduct inspections, surveys, evaluations, etc in half the time. Statistically evaluate the performance of your processes.
Construction site
Conduct site-visits to collect non-quality events to minimise impact on customers.
Continuous improvement
Deploy the right habits to capture more opportunities for improvement. Manage non-conformities, actions, ...
Customer claim
Efficient complaint handling with a workflow and routing engine to engage actors company-wide: sales, quality, finance, logistics, …
Document management
Store and keep track of electronic documents through their preparation, publication, distribution, change requests and version control.
EHS Incident management
Store and track incidents such as near-accidents, that cause minor injuries up to causing work incapacity.
Manufacturing file, material and product inspection, staff planning, ...
Comprehensive controls and repeatable inspection workflows for the quality measurement process with full accountability and traceability.
Overall equipment effectiveness
Follow up the effectiveness/performances of vaccine production lines, highlight the problems and take actions to fix them.
Supplier claim
Keep track of suppliers' non-conformities,  analysis, action plan and product return.
Process managment
Process description tool: (Sub)Processes, Activities, Actors, Input/Output Documents & Records, Information Systems.
Track and solve customer support tickets. Give customers easy access to the answers they need via comments and actions.
Word-Form Add-in
Templating tool for binding relational data with MS-Word documents containing advanced tabular and nested layouts. For example listing purchased products grouped by customer and region.
Website content management
We use our own platform and its web services to feed and administrate www.packflow.net..
We look forward to new challenges. Contact us to discuss your proof-of-concept. We will give you an idea how fast we work.