Finding innovative ways that ultimately contribute to producing great business software

About us

Our primary goal is to satisfy end-users through fast and continuous delivery of valuable software by leveraging tools and methodologies conceived by us and others.

We continuously research and develop new capabilities.
For instance, we are evaluating the use of artificial intelligence to accelerate form-filling tasks, based on speech-to-text technology.

We have partnered with WSL Incubator to help us scale-up.
CETIC has given us valuable advice during the design-phase of our low-code platform, PACKflow. Moreover, they have audited PACKflow’s source code using CAST's code analysis tool. The audit score was excellent.
We have thorough experience using Microsoft .Net framework, SQL Server, IIS, ASP. NET MVC, AD, SharePoint, Office, VBA, HTML5, Kendo UI, SignalR, jQuery, Quartz, WPF, WebDav, OpenXML, MS-OFBA, WCF, REST, Jenkins…
We have been inspired by several frameworks and methodologies
UML|BPMN|CMMN|Merise|OMG Semantics of Business Vocabulary|Business Rules|Guard-Stage-Milestone Framework for Modeling Artifact-centric Workflows|Zachman Framework|SoftFluent|RuleSpeak
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